In the life of a regular breweriana collector - as well as of any beer lover - there are a lot of beer events. We keep an eye on what's happening around and publish announcements on the most interesting parties on our site.
Unfortunately, this section is mostly available in Russian only.

However, information about the most important event (the annual Belarusian collectors exchange meeting) is published for you in English, you can find it in the top menu.

The other events we observe include

  • Major exchange meetings in the neighboring countries. Notify us if we missed any important event there.
  • Beer tastings. We bring various beer from our trips, get together and taste it to expand our tasting experience. Are you our guest? Bring beer :)
  • Club meetings. We gather together once in one or two months and discuss latest news. We usually combine these meetings with beer tastings so we get more fun. Are you our guest? Join our meeting and bring beer :)
  • Beer festivals. We love beer festivals. Not all beer festivals though, but those with a large diversity of beer. Yes, Oktoberfest is out of our interest, though we respect its traditions. Do you know about any fest that we missed? Tell us, invite us! Or, let's visit some together?

In addition, we have our own calendar of upcoming events (it's in Russian, too, but will be translated some time in the future).

If you have found a spelling error, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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