Become a Volat!

You can leave your request to enter the club here. This is very simple! Much more simple than explaining why you should do this.

Entrance criteria are not strict at all:

  • You need a helicopter pilot license to run a helicopter when we head towards friendly breweriana collectors meetings
  • High level of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in your body
  • 35+ years of collecting experience
  • Personal relations with all the printing houses, glassworks and breweries in the world

If you fail with any of these points, it will suffice if you can tell a beer coaster from a drip catcher.

As a Club member, you get

  • An honor to submit annual membership fee
  • Club-branded tasting glass which - being filled with beer - looks good on any internet photo.
  • Better chances to be invited to the club beer tasting (well, it's difficult to get refused actually)
  • Beer collectibles from the breweries - partners of the Club. We don't have such though, but what if they appear?
  • Discounts in the beer restaurants - partners of the Club (see the list here)

After all, membership card and a visit card mentioning the Club will give you additional benefits in any negotiations you may be involved in. However, consider hiding your membership when you apply for a job!


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We keep it secret
This will not be published as well
Just curious

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