About this site

What are the rules of this site? How is it different from any other site with beer related content? We want to tell you something you didn't know about beer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to support full replica of our content in English, so many of the below is applicable for Russian version only. However, we still follow the rules below, even in English version, which contains only the basic and most important information about the club and its activities.

Now, let's start with what will NOT appear on this site (at least shortly):

  • Press-releases, official news from beer field. News blogs will take care.
  • Beer reviews (at least as primary content). There are a lot platforms to do that, and beer bloggers are good at that.
  • Beer / brewery / pub ratings. Yes, we do not compete with ratebeer.com. Yet.
  • Jokes, funny stories, cool pictures and other trash. Its pace is on pseudo-beer fun sites copying content from each other.

Here is what we focus on:

  • Official information about the Club and its activities
  • Upcoming beer events calendar
  • Club chronicles: reports on past events and announcements of what we're preparing
  • Our own articles and reviews
  • Planning of common trips and other activities
  • Discussion of beer related topics on the forums
  • Beer catalogue - some time in the future

And finally, here are our values:

  • respect not idolize beer. Drink responsibly and staff like that.
  • Information not propaganda. You're 18+, you're able to come to a conclusion yourself.
  • Be open not hostile. Beer unites.

If you have found a spelling error, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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